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Tiny Living Living Large is about our journey to build a Tiny House On Wheels that will allow us to experience and explore this great country, while off grid.  It will be tiny, about 300 sq ft, yet loaded with innovative modern state of the art amenities to create a comfortable place we can call home. We are very excited about what we are creating and we hope you will be inspired to create your very own tiny home.

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Adversity brings determination and resilience

Two days ago, the weather was still a bit miserable so we spent some time inside the shell of the Tiny house discussing various options and the layout.  Our smaller loft has not been installed yet (we will probably do that after the insulation goes in) therefore we imagined its placement and where the  stairs … Continue reading Adversity brings determination and resilience

Tiny baby needs to be wrapped up

After we got the sheathing and roof panels all cut and placed, the next step is to tape the seams and put down the roof underlayment so that it can be weatherproofed. However before we can do that we need to make sure we add about 2600!!! screws to ensure it is properly tied down.  … Continue reading Tiny baby needs to be wrapped up

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