Our apologies for the empty link post

We were fortunate to have Robert’s brother from D.C. come by to visit last evening.  He helped with some framing (more on that in a later post) as well as tweaking the website, including incorporating a much nicer theme and adding a few plug-ins.  We hope you like it and we welcome all your constructive feedback (the good bad and ugly).  We are also excited to say we are now on Twitter as we added a @TinyLivingLivingLarge handle.

Unfortunately, in our attempt to modify the home page, we created a temporary post to verify some behavior and then quickly deleted it.   We had not realized it had gone out until I received a message this afternoon that it appeared a link had gone bad.    Our sincere apologies.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Update on us running utilities out to the “parking spot” and our wheel well framing project coming up in next day or so.


Robert and Julia

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