Ready – Set – Go

Hi! Olá! Hejsan!

So glad you stopped by. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read our blog. We never expected to have our very own blog until a few friends learned what we were doing and wanted to hear our story.  We are excited to embark on this journey and so very happy to be able to share it with you.

The tiny house movement seems to have taken a life of its own. We have spent countless days and hours reading and watching anything “tiny”.  People go tiny for many different reasons. From wanting to be debt free to living more simply with the flexibility of mobility.  Thus the question, why are we building a tiny home? What is driving us to live tiny? Well, the answer is simple. It is not so much about the house (we are still keeping the big one) but rather about the experiences that we are hoping to gain by building a tiny home together.

One of the many things that attracts us to building a tiny house is the concept that we will be able to have our home with us no matter where we go. Going tiny will give us the opportunity to choose “place over space” where we will be able to explore for long stays at a time without sacrificing the lifestyle we love. Living intentionally tiny will inspire us to spend most of our days outside, creating experiences thus enjoying life to its fullest. Yet, we are determined to make this tiny home a place where we can still entertain friends and family.

Even though we have not even begun to build, it has been an amazing journey already. When building tiny, every inch, every ounce, and every kWh matters. We will share some of our thinking on the design, the choices we are making, and the progress of our build.  Read on – the next post will be about our design process.