About Us

Hi there,

We are Julia and Robert, originally from Portugal and Sweden respectively, but now living in the northeast of the US.  We are embarking on a new adventure.  With 5 children between us, all out of the house, we are ready to explore the country in search of a new place to call home.  Rather than visiting potential locations, staying in a hotel for week (and we did a few of those and really enjoyed it), we wanted to ensure we get to learn the community, see what it is really like, experience the weather, the people, the activities.  We want to know that it is the right place to spend the rest of our lives.

Tiny Living – Having watched HGTV and the numerous shows on Tiny Homes, we got to thinking. Why not build a tiny house, making it uniquely ours, and use that as our traveling base as we explore the country.  Part of the adventure here is to build it ourselves.  In our own driveway.  While many people, and we are very impressed by their determination, ingenuity, and drive, adopt the Tiny House mentality as a means of living minimalistic, we may be heading in a slightly different direction.   Living Large – We intend to build a Tiny House On Wheels (THOW) that has all the amenities we are used to, yet we are determined to configure it in such a way that we can live off grid.  So thus the name – Tiny Living Living Large.

We hope you enjoy reading about our journey as we document our research, our build, and then our adventure across the country.  Subscribe and you will get automatic updates whenever we add to the content. We hope to hear from you and get your comments and great ideas on how we can make this even better.

Julia and Robert