Our Partners

When you build or do anything for work or in life, you likely don’t go at it alone.  You reach out to providers, you evaluate products and services to make what you have better.   We have been very fortunate to work with some great companies in pursuing our dream Tiny House.  You should all do your own searching and evaluation of what works for you, but here is our growing list of what we found to be the best of the best for us.

Trailer – the foundation 


Dan and Tom at Tiny Home Builders are a great resource for everything around building a Tiny house.  Not only do they offer a great trailer, we attended their workshop in person and debunked many myths and hesitations we had about building our own.  Visit their site for a vast collection of tiny home links and learning materials.

Framing – the structure


Brandon at Volstrukt worked with us to make sure we had the best possible framing structure for what we needed.  We are going to travel across the country with our home and needed it to be strong and light weight.  Great support, flexible plans, and the ability to create a structure of pieces which we could simply put together in a matter of a day or two made this decision simple.

Room with a View – Bi-Folding doors and windows

SUNFLEX came to the rescue when we thought we had nowhere else to go.  They have confidence in their product, have solid engineering and a top notch customer care team.  Bring the outside in.  It made our tiny HUGE!

When it is time to go – Composting Toilet

We knew we wanted a compost toilet as we wanted the flexibility to be off grid.  The choice was easy.  Nature’s head is just the top rated product.  Period.  Larry is great to work with and stands behind his product 100%.

Comfort and efficiency – Radiant Heated Floors

Heat rises, so starting at the floor made perfect sense for us.  Once you had a radiant heated floor, there are no alternatives.  And if you want the best customer service and product, there is only one choice there too -Warmly Yours.

Atmosphere, heat, and cooking – The do it all wood stove

Okay, finding a tiny wood stove was not easy.  Finding one that also offered an oven was even harder.  But did we find a gem.  And it provided an outside air inflow.  The team was great to work with and helped us configure the right stove and piping for our Tiny.  We love it.

Road Safety – make sure you can see all around you

Driving a Tiny House around, whether to a single location or like us, across the country, is a little bit like driving a semi trailer truck.  You can’t see a thing. Enter RearViewSafety.  Their solutions are standard equipment on commercial rigs and they were excited to work with us to configure something specifically for our Tiny house.  Check them out.  And drive safe.

TV – Now you see it, now you don’t

We searched for a partner that would provide us with a way to hide our workspace monitor and TV when not in use. TVLiftCabinet.com has great TV lift technology that can be incorporated into the design of our workspace and are enthusiastic partners for our project. With a variety of motorized lift mechanisms available to us, we chose the 33” swivel lift to allow maximum flexibility in our home to both work and enjoy our TV.

Off grid solar system – cutting the cord

A key objective for us was to become independent of the grid, and we wanted to take advantage of the latest technology. We knew Tesla batteries were the best but the PowerWall was not available for Tiny Homes On Wheels. Enter Liam O’Brien. He designed and installed a state of the art Solar System with Tesla Battery modules out of a model S. He cuts through all the BS out there, demystifies any roadblocks, and delivers a system that works. His ingenuity, skill, and electrical knowledge is nothing short of amazing. A gentleman and a true pleasure to work with.